Thursday, 29 June 2017

Ardeche Day 3

Disappointingly we had to cancel going back on the river due to a storm hitting the gorge. After the initial devastation we decided to take a day trip to Avignon which was only an hour away by coach. This is lovely old French city and UNESCO heritage site. It was a delightful day trip...if naturally also a little wet...but the students enjoyed a wander and no doubt an ice cream or 2.

The clouds were very impressive yet somewhat threatening. We are now all safely back to camp and although not that warm...we have no rain!

Provence Day 3

Today we visited Arles, taking in the Baths of Constantine, Roman theatre and amphitheatre, and Van Gogh's garden (along with some ice cream!).

We then headed to the Archaeological Museum, before exploring Glanum, an ancient town described as "France's Pompeii".

We are now back at the hotel and preparing for the annual Sixth Form Quiz Night - let the games begin!

Sixth form and Year 8 girls in Baths of Constantine

Whole group shot in Van Gogh garden

Roman ruins in Glanum

Year 8 boys jumping in swimming pool at Baths of Constantine

Year 8 group in Roman theatre

Ireland Surf and Turf Day 3

We took a short coach ride to The lost valley, where Gerrard took us through his land and taught us about the history of the local area, told us Gaelic mythology stories, walked us through the magical old forrest, and gave us a demo of sheep herding and shearing. We also got to feed some lambs with milk. Gerrard also showed us a 6000 year old bog tree stump! In the afternoon we went back to the beach for more surfing! 

Valentina, Letty, Bronwen, Molly. 

All photos on my twitter page: @samburnsLUS

Bushcraft Survival - Day 3

A jam packed day!

We started with team 3 cooking a fry up breakfast then we moved on to building shelters in the woods. Mr Murrin remarked; "You'd have to see them to believe them!"
After lunch we did advanced knife craft and students made spatulas.

In the afternoon the learners embraced their collaborative problem solving skills by trying to mine clay and transport it across a river. After a frantic half hour they harnessed their creativity and used the clay they had gathered to make pots.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Gastronomic London - Day 3

Cheese tasting at Neal's Yard Dairy.  Delicious!

Drama in Athens - Day 2

After an early start and a quick stop off at the Corinth Canal, we climbed up to the beautifully situated royal palace at Mycenae in 41 degree heat and visited the Tomb of Atreus. 

In the afternoon came the highlight for many; a visit to the theatre at Epidaurus where we performed excerpts from Lysistrata. All topped off with delicious slushies in the sun. Everyone well and happy.

Scuba Diving - Day 3

Students take to the lake for day 3 of their PADI open water certificate

Discover London - Day 2

Public health tour and operating theatre, where Henry has his leg amputated!  And then we visited the clink prison museum, which held a record of an inmate at the clink. Any relation to our illustrious founder?

Skern Lodge - Day 2

High ropes in the morning, followed by coastal traversing in the afternoon. Finished the day with Wide Games in the evening on the Burrows. Another fun, challenging day for all. 

Surfing in Cornwall - Day 2

It was a fairly wet day on Watergate Bay beach - the go-pro is coming out tomorrow so keep an eye out for some 'in action' surfing photos then!

We had prime surfing conditions, with waves between 3-6 feet and sea temp of 16 degrees. Almost everyone managed to stand up on their board at some point, probably a trip 'first', and there was even some 'switch-footing' amongst the more experienced surfers! The stamina was really impressive given the rainy weather - as a result, all are pretty tired just before dinner.

Here is a photo of the team having some down time in the hotel and a one of some of the pupils on our cliff-top walk yesterday, when the weather was less wet!