Monday, 3 July 2017

Best of Belgium - Day 5

Before making the journey home we went to the Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum at Raversijde, near Ostend. Students learned about how the Germans lived and worked defending the coast during WWII.

Gastronomic London - Day 5

Today we enjoyed a Mexican Cookery Class at Central Street Cookery School, East London. All the profits from private classes like ours go back into funding cooking classes in the local community.

Sailing in Scotland - Day 4

Excellent steady breeze from the north, we were able to make it all the way around the island (first time in years!).  Stopped in Milport for lunch and hot chocolate.

Sailing in Scotland - Day 3

Wednesday: Heavy wind in the morning, settling down in the afternoon for a sail over to Largs

Ardeche Adventure Day 5

On the beach today - it was a beautiful morning out on the picos (small sailing boat) but unfortunately the afternoon was too windy to be out in the water so we enjoyed some beach games and a touch of swimming!

In the evening we headed into the local town which has a lovely harbour. We relaxed there for a couple of hours before heading back to town.

Eco Explorer Day 5

We began our final day in St Ives with a yoga session - yet again everyone participated with real focus and energy. Our last morning was dedicated to some well earned free time in the town, experiencing the retro arcade, buying Cornish clotted cream fudge and soaking up the fresh sea air. Then it was back to London on the train, with lots of happy memories from a wonderful week.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Dartmoor trip is running an hour late home owing to traffic on the M4

UKSA Cowes Day 5

"On the last day the weather brightened up, counteracting the fact that there was no wind, which made windsurfing highly enjoyable. We played some tricks and I lost my shoe. The mud stole my shoe and I was scared of the jellyfish. They were big"

Manon Ajaz

Best of Belgium - slightly delayed

This trip is running at least an hour late - heavy queues in the Euro Tunnel

Tour du Mont Blanc - Day 5

We have made it! All 66km complete, and all in record time. The group have been fantastic.

Celebratory pizzas were had in Courmayeur. We are now waiting and briefly learning to rock climb in Chamonix, then it's Geneva and a late-night London return.